Donford BMW is nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands. First established in November 1973, the dealership operated from small showroom premises in Dorp Street.

Exactly thirty years later, on 1st November 2003, the father and founding member of Donford, Mr. Donald Philp, unveiled the plaque commemorating the official opening of the new premises at Stellenbosch Square.

Getting to this point was no easy feat. The birth of Stellenbosch Square originated through the vision of the current shareholders, Mark Philp and Leon Potgieter, who needed new premises to expand the dealership. From the beginning, this vision included the buy-in of both businessmen and the local Stellenbosch community.

Mark and Leon stood on the site for the first time in January 2000 and instinctively knew that this was the right location for their vision to become a reality. What they did not anticipate was the incredible battle they would have to endure and the journey that they would have to take to achieve their dream.

Rezoning alone took 3 years to accomplish, and it was only through sheer determination and the cooperation of the Jamestown Community, the Stellenbosch Town Council and the Mayor’s office, that Stellenbosch Square finally moved from the drawing boards into brick and mortar.

Since opening the doors to the new dealership, Donford BMW has gone from strength to strength:

    • The first rural BMW dealership in South Africa to receive the internationally recognised, accreditation for Quality Management.
    • Rural Dealer of the Year 2004
    • Rural Dealer of the Year 2005

For the staff at Donford, the new dealership is more symbolic. When we opened the doors we adopted the slogan “Appreciate the Difference” not only as a personal accomplishment at how far we have come since 1973, but also as a sign of our commitment:

    • Commitment to the BMW Brand
    • Commitment to the community in which we conduct our core business
    • Commitment to the company and our fellow workers
    • Commitment to all of our customers that Team Donford will continue to strive towards providing you with the highest level of service that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations
    • Commitment to fulfil all your motoring requirements.

It is our heart, our friendliness and our true spirit of adventure that makes our motto so significant.

It is our passion and professionalism that make visiting the dealership pleasureable.

It is our commitment, determination and optimism that make us successful.

It is our willingness to embark on new projects and set a precedent in Customer Service for other companies to follow that makes Team Donford leaders in the Motoring Industry.

So, whether you are looking for a new BMW or a BMW Premium Select second hand model, need sound financial advice or to bring your vehicle in for a service, Donford BMW is here for you.